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Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat

Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat

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Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat
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The Ultimate Outdoors Workers Cool Hat With Earmuff Slots


Finding a hat with a wide brim and neck flap to provide protection from the sun, and to be able to wear with ear muffs is daunting. Your search is over ! Simply the best hat for outdoor workers, required to wear earmuff protection, is here !

The Australian design registered Ultimate Outdoors Cool Hat can be used for two purposes. This lightweight hat can be worn comfortably whilst wearing earmuffs. But it can also be worn as a normal hat because it has a flap of material that covers the earmuff slots which makes this Cool Hat the same as the normal Great Outdoors Cool Hat. The brim covers your whole face and back of head and neck, protecting you from the blazing, hot sun. This wide brim shields your eyes, so that with sunglasses there is no squinting at all !  The underside of the brim is green-coloured to further reduce eye strain.

Many outdoor workers always get sunburned on the back of their necks, even with sun block. The foreign legion flap in the back of this hat is perfect for making sure the sun doesn't get to that area. This SPF 50+neck shade, for enhanced protection, is cleverly stowed inside the back brim. You don't even know it's tucked away. The hat has an elastic draw cord around the crown to fine-tune it to a perfect fit. The chin strap, with a safety snap feature, keeps the hat from flying off in the wind.

The crown is slightly stretchy so it will fit over hair clips, headbands, and with eye/reading glasses on top of your head. This cool hat also handles packing or crushing well.

It is important to keep your head cool since most heat comes from there. This Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat comes with a free magic Cool Pad to cool you from the crown down. The SPF 50+ Airflo mesh in the crown enhances coolness and comfort during hot days or strenuous activities.

You may not be making a fashion statement with this hat, but it’s exactly what prospectors, traffic controllers, builders, lawn mowing contractors, farmers... every outdoor worker needs. This will become your favourite hat !  If you are going for comfort and practicality, you cannot go past the Australian designed Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat with earmuff slots.


  • Brim has two openings that are covered with a flap enabling the hat to be worn normally.
  • These two earmuff slots, secured by Velcro, can be opened up to allow the wearer to wear earmuffs comfortably.
  • Wide brim to protect your face yet keep your vision unhindered.
  • Wide brim holds its shape perfectly.
  • Wide brim that will float if dropped into water.
  • The Cool Flap fits discreetly into the rear portion of the brim. To fully protect yourself from the sun, the Tuck Away Cool Flap unrolls and loosely drapes over your neck to protect all angles of the neck.
  • The totally breathable crown provide total air flow around the entire circumference of the hat.
  • The Cool Flap acts like a vented veil to provide added air flow whilst still delivering full sun protection. But it can be tucked away until you want to use it.
  • Double crown in which to place your Cool Pad that comes free with your hat.
  • Magic removable cool pad to keep you cool.
  • Adjusts to fit precisely.
  • Water Repellent, SPF 50+ fabric protects you.
  • Comfortable, terry towelling sweat band keeps the sweat off your brow.
  • Adjustable cord and chin strap with cord lock to keep it in place in the wind.
  • Cord has an inbuilt Safety Snap that snaps apart if the chin strap gets caught, thereby protecting you from choking.
  • Dark coloured underside offers anti-glare protection to aid visibility.
  • Australian Registered Design Number 339245.

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