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Super Cooler Neck Tie

Super Cooler Neck Tie

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Super Cooler Neck Tie
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Super Cooler Neck Tie Coolers

Super wide body cooler for super relief from the heat...

Super  Coolers are the best personal body coolers to wear around your neck to keep you  cool. These body coolers are 5cm wide. Super Neck Coolers cool you down after a  hot workout, bike ride, or mowing the lawn: in fact these super cooling neck  wraps will keep you feeling cool and refreshed doing anything, anywhere,  anytime.


Super  Neck Coolers are the environmentally friendly, carbon free way to improve work  productivity because that cool refreshing feeling of a neck cooler around your  neck will make work less heat stressed and play much more enjoyable.

Great for staying cool on a hot day...

Super  Coolers can be worn around your forehead as a cool bandana.

Should  you be working with machinery, or in an environment where the ties may get  entangled, it is recommended that you use the Cool N Safe Neck Cooler, which is  the same width but has a Velcro closure, so there are no ties hanging down to  get caught in any machinery.

It is simple to beat the heat, feel cool, refreshed, and comfortable...

When  you open your Super Cooler, you can feel the crystals in the pocket of the  sleeve. Take your hand and spread the polymer crystals out evenly throughout  the neck cooler pocket and place in cool water. The magic water crystals will  grow holding up to 400 times their original volume of water. Let the neck  cooler soak in the water for about 10 minutes.

Remove  your Super Neck Cooler from the water and squeeze out the excess moisture. Wear  around your neck and tie loosely. Your arteries are closest to the skin in this  area and this will assist in cooling down the blood to your head reducing that  overheated feeling. Keep the fabric moist and the water will evaporate from the  crystals slowly giving you a cool refreshing feeling.

Re-activate  as needed. Simply immerse in clean water for 10 minutes. Crystals will  re-hydrate for years.

Keep  your Super Neck Cooler in the fridge till you need to use it again. Don’t leave  your body cooler soaking in water though as the crystals will keep expanding  and it will turn hard and you will not be able to place it around your neck. If  this occurs, you will need to hang it on the line in the sun until it softens  again.